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Microsoft Outlook | 1-way

Push your schedule into Microsoft Outlook in Office 365 with this 1-way integration from Timewax and see all your appointments and planning data displayed in one calendar.

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One calendar

This integration is perfect when appointments and planning bookings look alike.

This integration is a 1-way integration. Because of this, the data flows from Timewax to Microsoft Outlook in Office 365. So it’s no issue when employees change a planning booking in their calendars. This 1-way Microsoft Outlook integration will restore it with the original values from Timewax.

Additional planning data

In Timewax, you can enter extra data like location, description, and remarks in a booking. The Microsoft Outlook 1-way integration will always sync the essential data. You can define which other fields need to get synced to Outlook. This way, you can choose which information is relevant for your employees to see.

In addition, you can change the schedule in your planning board without worry because the integration will auto-sync changes every fifteen minutes.

Report progress

In Timewax, you can add a progress link in a planning booking. With this link, employees can report the progress of a project. They can also tell you the estimated time needed to complete the activity.

When your employee presses the link, it will open their browser. It’s a simple way to report progress straight from Microsoft Outlook because employees don’t have to log in to Timewax. This feature helps them to stop wasting time.

Do you want to see Timewax’s 1-way Microsoft Outlook integration in action?

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