Invoice projects based on fixed price, actuals costs or payment by instalment. You can design invoice layouts with your company logo and define how the data should be aggregated and presented on the invoice and specification.


Design layout

You can design your own invoice layouts and specification reports. You can create multiple layouts, for example when you have to send invoices in several languages. For each project you set the layout that will be used.

You simply drag and drop available fields into the layout. With the toolbar you can set the properties of cells and rows to match your branding. For example you can set the margins, width, font, alignment and cell borders.

  • Invoicing layout
  • Invoicing variables
  • Invoicing fields
  • Invoicing toolbar
  • Invoicing aggregate

Create and edit

You can create a single invoice or a batch of invoices, for example by client or project manager. Based on the selection date it will select all fixed price, costing and instalment items that are due at that date.

As a next step you can evaluate all individual items (e.g. hours, expenses, purchase invoices) and make changes where necessary. You can change amounts, perform write-offs or postpone them to the next invoice.

  • Invoicing selection
  • Invoicing edit lines
  • Invoicing edit

Workflow and output

You can produce draft invoices and edit the text with an inline edit feature. This way you can authorize project managers to prepare the invoices and have your Finance staff finalize and send them out to your clients.

Optionally, you can send a specification along with the invoice that presents all related line items. The layout of the specification can also be designed to match your branding and your client's reporting needs.

  • Edit invoice
  • Invoice specification
  • Invoicing workflow
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