Mobile App

A simple app for iOS and Android. Perfect when you're working in the field. You can download the app for free in the App Store and Google Play.


The mobile app syncs automatically. You tap on an entry to see the full details like the location (which starts your navigation app), project manager, description, other resources and attached documents.

You can authorize employees to create new entries, make changes and delete entries. You can also allow them to switch resource which gives them access to the planning details of other employees.

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Employees can report the progress for each activity. They can enter a percentage complete, an estimation of the time needed to complete the activity (ETC), the expected end date and a description.

Submitted progress will instantly be available for reporting purposes for example in the Planning Board. Project managers will typically view this information in the Gantt Chart or Reports.

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Time Sheets

Employees can also account for the actual spent hours using the mobile app. For each planning entry, they can add the actual spent hours simply by copying the planned hours and making changes if necessary.

They can add additional entries and submit their time sheet at the end of the week for approval. They can use both the mobile app and the web app Time Sheets. They can start a time sheet in one and finish it in the other.

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Personal settings

Employees can customize the start screen of the app. They can have it start with planning entries or time sheets. Next to that they can choose to display certain data or not like the progress and status of submitted hours.

Employees can define their favourite projects and activities. This makes it much easier for them to add new entries because they don't have to scroll through the entire list of projects and activities.

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