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Dropbox is a document management system. With this integration, you can link files in Dropbox to master data and transactions in Timewax. This way you won’t have to save files in multiple locations. This will save you time.

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With Dropbox, you have space for your colleagues to share and collaborate on files. Dropbox keeps all of your files in one place and ensures that everything is always backed up.

You can easily manage access to your information to take control of who has access to which files and folders securely and at scale.

You can share files instantly to keep your colleagues moving quickly without having them to dig up files. Dropbox makes sharing, syncing and organizing files easy.

Link your files

This integration let’s you connect your Timewax account to your Dropbox account. You can link your Dropbox files in Timewax to:




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Authorized access

In Timewax, we do not store the actual file, but only the link to the file in your Dropbox account. So if any of your colleagues click on the file in Timewax, they will be redirected to Dropbox to view or download the file there.

Permissions to read or edit the file is defined in Dropbox. To link a Dropbox file to master data or transactions in Timewax, a user needs to connect their Dropbox account to their Timewax account. Colleagues that only want to access files from Timewax do not need connect their Dropbox account.



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