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Google Data Studio


Google Data Studio is a tool to visualize data and create dashboards for decision making purposes within your company. The integration enables you to connect to your Timewax account for analyzing the performance of your projects and resources.

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With Google Data Studio you can build interactive dashboards and reports in a matter of seconds. This will help you in making better decisions in managing your projects and resources.

You can easily share reports with your colleagues and embed them, for example on your intranet.


Much like the Queries feature in Timewax, we offer a number of connectors that you can use to create your own data sources and reports. Currently we offer:

Project summary

Activity summary

Resource and activity summary




You can look for the available Timewax connector here. If you connect to the connectors with your personal Timewax user, data security set up in Timewax will be applied to all the data that you retrieve.

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