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Push the planning to your company’s calendar system with our iCalendar (Internet Calendar) feature. This way, employees have all planning bookings from Timewax available in a separate calendar.

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Internet Calendar

With the iCalendar feature, every employee can see his or her schedule by means of an other calendar in your company’s calendar system. An Internet Calendar is a subscription to a file that Timewax updates every 5 minutes for each employee.

Do you want to integrate your schedule in your personal calendar instead of an additional calendar? Check out our integrations with Office 365 Outlook and Google Calendar.

Microsoft Outlook

In Microsoft Outlook you can add an Internet Calendar. This is a standard feature in Outlook. No plugins or other software required. You enter the link from Timewax and Outlook will take care of the rest.

Outlook 2016 and previous versions will check every few minutes if you have new email. At that same moment it will automatically update the Internet Calendars with new entries and changes from Timewax. In Office 365 however, Microsoft will only refresh the data a couple of times during the day.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar works the same way. You can add an extra calendar by URL. Enter the link and Google will automatically update this calendar with new entries and changes from Timewax.

A nice feature in Google is that you can set reminders. You can have Google send you an email or SMS for new entries, changes, deleted entries and a daily overview of your activities for that day. Similar to Office 365, Google will only refresh the data a couple of times per day.

Apple Calendar

In the Apple Calendar you can subscribe to a calendar URL. You can define the auto-refresh rate yourself. You can set this to 5 minutes to ensure that employees have the most recent data available.

Simply click on entries for more details. Just like in Outlook and Google you can also subscribe to calendars of your colleagues. This can be very convenient when employees work closely together on projects.

Report progress

You can set up the iCalendar feature to include a link in each entry to report the progress of an activity. Employees simply open the entry in their calendar system and click on the progress URL.

It will open their browser with a window in which they can enter progress information for that activity. This way employees can report progress without having to log in. They just use their calendar system.

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Do you want to see the iCalendar feature in action?

Because you can, for free, for 30 days. You can test everything, with no strings attached and no credit card required. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Start saving time today.

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