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Jira is issue and project tracking software. In Jira, users can easily record spent time on issues. The integration between Timewax and Jira, imports the time spent on issues to the user’s time sheet in Timewax. This saves them time in entering data.

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Spent time on issues

In Jira, users can very easily record their spent time on issues from projects. Each time that an employee spends time on an issue, that time will be automatically added to the issue in Jira.

Time spent on other jobs

However, employees do not only work on issues. They also spend their time on other jobs, which they are not able to record in Jira. This is where other tools come into place, like the time sheets feature in Timewax.

A single complete time sheet

The integration with Jira, creates the projects from Jira in Timewax and imports the recorded actual spent time on issues. This way, employees can manage a single complete time sheet that reflects everything they have been working on. This saves them time.

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