Twinfield integration

All client data in Twinfield will be synced to Timewax. Authorised invoices in Timewax will automatically be posted to the General Ledger in Twinfield.



New customers (debtors) will automatically be passed on to Timewax. Changes to the customer data in Twinfield will also be synced automatically with the customer data in Timewax.

For invoicing purposes, Timewax will use the customer's term of payment and invoicing address as defined in Twinfield. By default this data will be used on invoices, but you can always change it.

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General Ledger

Invoicing of projects will be done in Timewax. When you authorise invoices in Timewax, this will automatically create postings in the General Ledger of the corresponding company in Twinfield.

In Timewax, you can define the journal to Twinfield in terms of general ledger accounts for accounts receivable, turnover and VAT. Optionally, you can also define cost centers for reporting purposes.

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