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Timewax Single Sign On

Timewax Single Sign On allows the employees of your company to log into Timewax with one click. With Single Sign On, you improve the control and security of the software used within your company.

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Log in with one click

Once you activate Timewax Single Sign On, your organization will receive a dedicated login page from us. Through this page, your employees can log into Timewax with one click. 

The technology that makes this all possible is called SAML. This technology increases security by encrypting access requests to the software. This way, the traditional way of logging in with a username and password is no longer required.

Identity provider

Timewax Single Sign On’ talks’ to your organization’s Identity provider system (IdP). This system is the central user management system on your company’s network. It lets you determine which employee can use which software. 

For example, your employee clicks on the Timewax login button. The link checks whether this employee is allowed to have access according to the IdP. If that is the case, the system logs the employee into their Timewax account.

Improving security

By activating Timewax Single Sign On, you place an extra layer of protection over your Timewax environment. Your employees no longer have to remember a username and password for Timewax. 

Although everyone knows you should not recycle passwords, many employees still do this.  This extra security layer prevents your Timewax account from being exposed to this risk. Moreover, you can now also centrally manage access to Timewax, making your IT infrastructure more secure. 

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