Timewax makes your organization a hero in resource planning

With a 100% reliable schedule for your customers

Resource planning software for project based companies that want to professionalize and get rid of:

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Why use our planning software?

Because your company will make money when you do. It’s a simple numbers game. Time is money – it always was – and our project and resource planning software helps you to get the most out of it.

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It saves time

No more spreadsheets, endless meetings, emails and phone calls. Everybody is up-to-date any time anywhere.

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It improves project delivery

Assign the right people to the right projects at the right time. This improves quality and speeds up projects.

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It increases productivity

Do more work with the same people. This directly increases your revenue and profit. Calculate it here.

Multi-platform solution

We are multi-platform: use our planning software on any desktop browser or a mobile device. We even reach out to your calendar system. Need more? Use our API for seamless integration with your systems.

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Features that matter

Are you a resource planner or a project manager? An employee or a manager? Does it matter? Hell, yeah! We designed our features to match your role so that you get exactly what you need.

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App for iOS & Android

With the mobile app for iOS and Android, employees have access to their work schedules any time, everywhere. Perfect for employees working in the field that do not have a laptop.

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Calendar integration

Why not use the systems you already have in place? With our integrations, we embed resource planning into your favourite calendar system such as Outlook and Google Calendar.

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Seamless integration

With our API, you can process master data and transactions back and forth between your systems and Timewax and back. Check out our technical documentation.


Our planning software integrates seamlessly with your systems. Get rid of tasks that you can automate. View all integrations.

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How good are you in planning?

We can offer you a scheduling tool with our software, but how well have you organized yourself with respect to project and resource planning? There may be some organisational aspects to work on first.

We have developed a scan that scores your company on our framework of 8 organizational aspects of planning. The survey takes 5 to 10 minutes and afterwards you will immediately see the results and receive them by email. Do the free planning scan now!

Schedule like a hero and increase revenue

By improving the way you schedule you can increase the productivity of your organization. If you can make more billable hours, this will immediately increase your revenue. Calculate your potential revenue increase here.

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Clients depend on us

We work with clients in a wide range of industries. They need to schedule projects and resources on a day-to-day basis to guarantee the best service and project delivery to their clients. That’s where our project and resource planning software comes in.

Potential revenue increase