Deliver more work more profitably ... without unnecessary hiring

With a 100% errorless planning for your customers

Timewax is resource planning software for rapid evolving service organizations that want to stop feeling out of control and aim for:

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Why use our resource planning software?

We feel it’s unacceptable that in today’s day and age modern services organizations cannot answer resource questions with accuracy and without delays. We aim to improve your resource planning so that you will gain three things.

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Top line growth

We optimize utilization of staff across your entire organization. This increases productivity and directly increases your revenue.

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Bottom line growth

By taking into account cost price, we unveil which projects and services add the most profit. This way you can optimize margins. 

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Operational excellence

We predict the required resource capacity in the future. This way, you can anticipate to develop the workforce to meet demand.

So, how do we do this?

We give you a holistic picture that allows you to be more resourceful (i.e. more competitive), meet customer expectations with more ease, and deliver more work more profitably. How do we accomplish this? By doing three things radically different.

Capture your dynamics

We integrate all your relevant systems and keep everything synced. We capture all data with respect to your company, department, project, resource & rates structure for today and tomorrow.

Stop the leakage

We let you visually plan for the best company level utilization and billability. We guide you to prevent costly mistakes and delays and assure that everyone in the process is instantly aligned on what is expected.

Get steps ahead

We provide everyone in the organization with insights to answer complex business questions with accuracy. This enables you to predict future utilization and billability and spot new ways to grow.


Our resource planning software integrates seamlessly with your systems. Get rid of tasks that you can automate with our integrations and API.

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How good are you in planning?

We can offer you resource planning software, but how well have you organized yourself with respect to resource planning? There may be some organisational aspects to work on first.

We have developed a scan that scores your company on our framework of 8 building blocks of planning. The survey takes 5 to 10 minutes and afterwards you will immediately see the results and receive them by email. Do the free planning scan now!

Calculate your top line growth here

By improving the way you schedule you can increase the productivity of your organization. If you can make more billable hours, this will immediately increase your revenue. Calculate your potential revenue increase here.

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Customers depend on us

We work with customers that want to be perceived as the leader in their space. They are ambitious and put customer happiness first because they know profit will follow. They want to make things better. Our resource planning software helps them achieve that.

Potential revenue increase