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Our resource planning software equips you with yet another handy feature: Utilization. The Utilization feature lets you analyse productivity and gives you a comprehensive forecast of the work ahead. It helps you to analyse the productivity of your organization by department, position and individual resource, to spot staffing issues. Save time and increase utilization with smart resource planning software.

An illustration of the threshold function in the Utilization feature


Our resource planning software lets you define utilization thresholds. By setting thresholds and colours, you can visually alert in which period you have staffing issues. The metric unit can be set to booked hours, workable hours or a percentage of both which represents the utilization.

You can determine which data should be included in your view. You can have a total view that includes resource requests by department and positions. This will give you an accurate forecast on the workload.

An illustration of the drill down function in the Utilization feature

Drill down

You can set up your organization structure. This allows you to have aggregated information. From there you can drill down and analyse by department. Alternatively you can analyse by position.

Eventually, you will drill down to the resource level and analyse the utilization by resource. From there you can double click on a month or week which opens a calendar view of the related project entries.

An illustration of the drill down function in the Utilization feature

Optimization is key

"It’s essential for us to know what our consultants are doing, so we can optimize our planning. Timewax gives us all the information we need."

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Randy van Santen | Van Santen Advies CEO

An illustration of the clients and projects function in the Utilization feature

Clients and projects

You can drill down from a department or position to the client and project level. This is useful for example when you want to analyse which clients and projects demand the most of your resources.

You can have an aggregated view on the client level and drill down to the individual projects or the involved resources. Again at the resource level, you can double click to open a calendar view with the related entries.

Manage the display options, filters and output

Display, filters and output

You can change the time and metric units that display the data. The project type filter allows you to see the utilization in terms of chargeable and non-chargeable (internal) projects.

You can set filter options like a data range and choose to have actuals included. You can print to PDF and export to Excel. When you export to Excel both the data and the formatting will be included.

Manage the display options, filters and output

Do you want to see the Utilization in action?

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