Deliver more work more profitably
... without unnecessary hiring

Many rapidly evolving service organizations face a dilemma: the larger and more complex they grow, the lower their revenue and margin per employee become. As complexity increases, dynamics explode. This leads to suboptimal staffing, compromised billability, and unnecessary hiring. And we get it.

External pressures build up

Customer expectations keep growing, regulations get tighter and tighter, technology advances super fast, competition is cut-throat and talent scarcity is real.

Risks stack up

With those increased pressures, risks increase of not being able to keep up, not meeting customer expectations, lower employee morale and missing targets.

Blind spots increase

Traditional resource planning is siloed and too much focused on looking backward and allocating hours. This increases blind spots in utilization, profitability and future demand. 


Mark de Jong


Shift to impact-led

“Getting out of this trap requires looking forward with a holistic view of the entire organization and taking project margin into account. Impact-led resource planning instead of allocation-led.”

Why we do what we do

We feel it’s unacceptable that in today’s day and age modern services organizations cannot answer resource questions with accuracy and without delays. We aim to improve their resource planning so that they will gain:

By holistically looking at capacity demands, we optimize utilization of staff across the entire organization. This increases productivity and enables you to deliver more work with the same number of employees. This directly increases your revenue.
By taking into account commercial and cost price rates, we look beyond performance in hours only. We give management information on which projects and services add the most value in terms of profitability. This way they can optimize margins. 
By giving insight into future demand, we predict the required resource capacity in the middle and long term. This way, management can anticipate to develop the workforce to optimally meet demand and prevent unnecessary hiring.
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Jurgen Bink


See around corners

“We provide you the insights to accurately answer complex business questions, confidently predict future utilization and billability, and spot new ways to grow.”

How we do it

We give you a holistic picture that allows you to be more resourceful (i.e. more competitive), meet customer expectations with more ease, and deliver more work more profitably. How do we accomplish this? By doing three things radically different:  

We integrate all your relevant systems and keep everything synced. We capture all data with respect to your company, department, project, resource & rates structure for today and tomorrow. We tune data input and output for optimal relevancy, accuracy, and outcomes. 

This way you get an information model purposely designed for rapidly evolving service organizations that provides the foundation for a holistic planning overview everyone can 100% rely upon 24/7. 

What you gain: Confidence 

We let you visually plan for the best company level utilization and billability in the shortest time. We guide you to prevent costly mistakes and delays and assure that everyone in the process is instantly aligned on what is changed and expected.

This different design shifts the focus to looking forward (instead of backwards), the entire organization (instead of silos), and margin (instead of hours). You’ll know everyone is assigned to the right work and will be able to take on and deliver more.

What you gain: Leverage

We provide everyone in the organization with insights to answer complex business questions with accuracy. This enables you to predict future utilization and billability and spot new ways to grow.

Blend this together means growing in a sustainable way: you will reduce revenue and margin leakage and increase your resourcefulness to meet evolving customer requirements with more ease.

What you gain: Healthy growth

An illustration of the golden circle of Timewax with the How highlighted.

Mark de Jong


Plan for impact

“Our platform guides you visually to plan for the best company-level utilization and billability, avoid costly mistakes and delays, and assures that everyone is aligned on what’s expected.”

What we deliver

Our solution? Timewax. We provide resource planning software for ambitious resource planners in rapidly evolving service organizations. Our software focuses on three domains:

Our software is ‘visual-first’ because this enables users quickly to understand large quantities of resources and their availability across different projects and timeframes. Visual cues help users to immediately identify conflicts and overlaps. This is crucial to prevent allocation issues and project delays.  

Visual planning also allows for easier tracking of progress in real time. With our drag & drop interface, we simplify the process of updating schedules, modifying project timelines and reallocating resources. It reduces the learning curve and makes the software more accessible to non-technical users.

Our platform works with other software systems. Information flows automatically from one system to another. This avoids manual data transfer and accelerates internal processes. This not only saves time but also prevents errors.

We offer standard integrations with calendar systems, ERP software and collaboration platforms. Our API also enables customers to develop their own integrations. This makes it possible to streamline every business process.

Our resource planning software is equipped with analytics capabilities for monitoring project performance and resource utilization to support both tactical and strategic decision-making within an organization.

It allows management to improve forecasting future project requirements and resource needs. Data-driven insights can influence broader business decisions, such as which types of projects to pursue in the future, how to structure teams, or where to invest in skill development.

An illustration of the golden circle of Timewax with the What highlighted.
Filip de Waard

Filip de Waard


Capture your dynamics

“Our flexible data model captures your department, project, resource and rates structure for today and tomorrow. It tunes data input and output for optimal relevancy.”

Potential revenue increase