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Time Sheets

Our time sheet software has been designed to make timekeeping as quick and easy as possible. By copying planning entries, employees can actually submit a time sheet for an entire week in less than 30 seconds.

An illustration of a laptop displaying the time sheet feature in a browser window.
An illustration of the time sheet feature in Timewax which you use to quickly book actual spend hours.

Fast input

We use a week view as best practice. Simply move around with your cursor keys and type in the hours. To make it even easier, you can copy your planning entries and only make changes where needed. That’s it.

Optionally, you can add a description and report their progress. You can manage your favourite projects which makes input even faster. Once submitted the colours will indicate the status (e.g. submitted, approved, rejected).

An illustration of rejection email you can send when a time sheet is incorrect.

Approval workflow

Optionally, you can set up an approval workflow. For each project, you can determine whether approval of time entries is required. You can have time entries approved by the resource manager, project manager or both.

In the approval feature, you can see all the detail information of time entries. When you reject an entry, the employee will be informed by email and requested to correct the rejected time entry.

An illustration of rejection email you can send when a time sheet is incorrect.

Assistance in growth

"Timewax helps us grow. Planning our projects with Timewax helps us optimize and improve our processes."

A photo of Randy van Santen

Randy van Santen | Van Santen Advies BV CEO

An illustration of a reminder email you can receive when you forgot to submit a time sheet.

Alerts and reporting

You can set up an email alert for due time sheets. This will send an email for example on Monday 12:00 hours to everyone who hasn’t submitted last week’s time sheet yet. You can also run the missing time sheet report.

Employees can print their time sheet to PDF. Alternatively, they can run a time sheet report for a single project to have it signed off by the client or send it as a specification of the actual spent hours.

Do you want to see the Time Sheets in action?

Because you can, for free, for 30 days. You can try all the other features of our software as well, with no strings attached and no credit card required. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Start saving time today.