Clients that have transformed into planning heroes

Our customers are project based service providers. They need to schedule projects and employees on a daily basis to ensure the best service to their customers. We are happy to have transformed them into planning heroes. Want to be come a hero?

Employees have access to their schedule anytime, anywhere.

“With Timewax we now have the advantage that every employee can see the current status of the planning in real time.”
David Hermann | Cteam
Illustration of a microphone with the SD Worx logo

SD Worx: efficiency and clarity significantly improved

Timewax has quite an impact. In particular, we think the efficiency and clarity have improved significantly! Thanks to the Outlook integration with Timewax, the hours worked within projects are immediately processed in Timewax. This means that double entry is no longer necessary and the information surrounding a project is immediately available to everyone involved. We can now detect deviations within projects much faster through reports.

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Précon Group: mobility of consultants now increased even further

We now have much better insight into what the billable time is currently and in the future. This way we now know better what turnover we can expect. The insights into time ensure that budgeted costs can be checked in quotes and that staff can be planned more accurately. The impact of Timewax is therefore mainly that the business processes have become a lot more transparent and that these processes have been made more efficient.

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Orange Cyberdefense: a business case easily made

Management is very happy with the overviews that they can generate within Timewax. They can see the resource utilisation and generate projections for the future. This enables managers to plan and distribute resources more effectively in the short term while taking into account how resource distribution is planned in the long term.

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Vindicta: more peace and quality with Timewax

In the previous way of working, planning was really stressful. For example, the consultants had duplicate customer appointments that had to be rescheduled. By scheduling with Timewax, our calendars are clearer. This gives us the peace of mind to complete our tasks properly and deliver better quality.

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