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The Netherlands


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SD Worx offers complete services in the field of payroll administration, HR processes and tax & labor legal support in 11 European countries and in Mauritius. In the Netherlands, more than 5,000 small and large, national and international organizations rely on SD Worx.

Merel van Lingen has been working for the company for 18 years. Her career started in payroll administration. In the following years she took on more leadership positions. She eventually became head of the Project Office department.

“In the Project Office department I am responsible for managing and supporting projects within the organization. I am also responsible for the company’s HR consultancy.”

How did SD Worx do the planning before Timewax?

“We were originally a small company under the name Cobra personnel services. Through two acquisitions we have grown into SD Worx. As a company, we benefited enormously from the increasing demand for outsourcing.

In the first years we mainly served smaller companies. With the revival of the economy, a growing number of customers, and increasing complexity in social legislation, the company switched to digital processes for more efficient documentation and calculations.”

“In those first years, this mainly happened in Excel and in TOPdesk, a service desk system that we used in the support department. That system initially met our expectations. This was mainly because we were able to carry out our tasks through our own adjustments to the system.”

Why did you choose Timewax?

“What was missing in our processes was efficiency. Administration such as planning and time tracking had to be done in separate software systems. This also had to be done manually. A time-consuming job that was also prone to errors.”

“This way of working became untenable as the company continued to grow. We were looking for a tool that matched this growth. Software that was less time-consuming and that could also save us from registration errors. That is how SD Worx eventually ended up with Timewax.”

“We looked at several tools, but became really enthusiastic after a demo of Timewax. Timewax looked user-friendly. No complicated and long implementations, but easy to implement yourself with the help of a Timewax consultant.”

“The functionalities matched our wishes well, with the biggest advantage being that the consultants only have to plan their assignments once in Outlook. Due to the integration between Outlook and Timewax and our financial system, one registration of the hours on a project is sufficient This saves time and is less prone to errors.”

What is the impact of Timewax on your organization?

“We think the efficiency and clarity in particular have improved significantly!” To give an example: the consultant can now schedule his or her projects with the customer via Outlook and link them to a project in Timewax. Thanks to the Outlook integration with Timewax, the hours worked within projects are immediately processed in Timewax. So double entry is no longer necessary and the information surrounding a project is immediately available to everyone involved.”

“We can also conveniently schedule our consultants via the Timewax planning board. In this way as the Project Office we can indicate which employee should be deployed in which role. By exchanging all this information via the 2-way integration with Outlook, there is no longer any overlap in information and we can detect deviations within projects more quickly through reporting.”

“The software is also a great asset for the consultants. They can now see their own hours and how they are scheduled in an instant, without having to bother other colleagues to find out this information.”

“What we also like very much from within the organization is that we have integrated our financial system Newbase via the Timewax API. This has created a much better financial insight into the hours versus costs. In addition, Timewax’s software is easy to use. I was able to make many changes from the old working method to the new working method in Timewax myself.”

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