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Microsoft Outlook | 2 way sync


There is no better scheduling than complete scheduling. The Microsoft Outlook 2-way sync is perfect for organizations where employees can schedule appointments with respect to projects themselves in Outlook.


If an employee books an appointment, it will automatically appear on the digital planning board of the planner. This way your planner always has a complete picture of the availability of your employees. Appointments that the planner books in Timewax are then automatically placed in the employee’s Outlook calendar.

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Planning in Outlook

Thanks to the Microsoft Outlook 2-way sync, an employee can easily update the schedule from Outlook. Appointments are automatically placed as bookings in the Timewax planning board. In this way you always know what your employees are doing, you can easily manage the resourcing and you avoid double appointments in the schedule. Depending on the rights of the employee, he or she can also modify existing schedule entries through Outlook.


The Timewax add-in for Office 365 allows employees to also sync their appointments in Outlook to a project and activity in Timewax. In this way, employees can schedule in a familiar and easily accessible way in Outlook, whereby appointments are assigned to the right projects. This leads to better insight into the scheduling per project and accurate reporting of utilization.

Smart synchronization

When setting up the 2-way sync you can determine how appointments in Outlook should be processed in Timewax. For example, you can choose to only import appointments that are linked to projects and activities.

You can also choose to import all non-linked appointments as so-called note entries. In this way you have a complete insight in Timewax into all the activities of your employees and their availability, without this leading to an unclear reporting of utilization and productivity.

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