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Microsoft Outlook | 2 way sync


The 2-way integration with Outlook in Office 365 syncs all events to Timewax and back. Employees can simply schedule their work in Outlook.

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2-way sync

Our 1-way sync with Outlook Office 365 creates events based on planning bookings in Timewax. Now with the 2-way sync, you can also do it the other way around. You can create and edit events in your Outlook calendar, which will be automatically created and updated in Timewax.

The integration works with a plugin that is added to your Outlook workspace. This allows you to link events to projects and activities in Timewax.

Advanced sync settings

In configuring the 2-way sync for your company, you can determine how events from Outlook are processed to Timewax. You can decide to import only events that are linked to projects and activities.

You can also decide to import all events from employees that are not linked to a project and activity. In Timewax, these will be linked to a general project and activity, which you can specify. This way you have a full view of all your employees’ events and availability.

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