Microsoft Outlook 2-way sync integration from Timewax

Microsoft Outlook | 2-way

The 2-way integration is perfect for companies where employees are allowed to schedule projects themselves. Like the 1-way integration, Timewax pushes planning bookings to their Outlook calendar, but the 2-way option now also syncs all their appointments back to Timewax. This provides an optimal overview of everyone’s availability. 

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Scheduling in Outlook

With 2-way Microsoft Outlook integration, employees can easily update the schedule from Outlook. When an employee creates an appointment in Outlook, we automatically sync it to a planning booking in the planning board

This way, you always have a complete overview of your employees’ calendar. Changes in bookings or appointments are synced backed and forth between Outlook and Timewax. 


With the Timewax add-in for  Outlook in Office 365, employees can even tag their appointments with the project and activity to which the appointment belongs. This leads to better insight per project and proper reporting of the utilization. 

For employees, the add-in enables them to do all the scheduling in Outlook. They no longer have to log in to Timewax to adjust their schedule there. They simply use  Outlook with which they are familiar.

Smart synchronization

When setting up the 2-way sync, you decide how you want the integration to process Outlook appointments in Timewax. For example, you can choose to only import appointments that your employee linked to a project and activity.

You can also choose to import all non-linked appointments as so-called note bookings. In this way, you have complete insight in Timewax into all your employees’ activities and availability.

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