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KPN Workplace: enabling the workplace of the future with Timewax



KPN Workplace BV


Groningen, Netherlands


150+ employees


KPN Workplace is an ICT service provider and provides cloud-based workplace services to larger companies in the Netherlands. With these services, the employees of those companies have secure access to their working environment from anywhere. For KPN Workplace it is important that customers get off to a good start and can work in a reliable and stable way. A team of 150+ employees at KPN Workplace is available daily to make this possible for them. These employees have been scheduling on a daily basis with Timewax since 2013. The vision of KPN Workplace is that the traditional and permanent workplace is increasingly being abandoned. Employees expect more and more from the tools they receive from their employer. They want to work online and be accessible everywhere. The idea that the workplace must be the same for everyone is outdated. It must be adapted to the circumstances and position of the employee.

How KPN Workplace used to schedule employees

A lot has changed in recent years. Before KPN Workplace started scheduling employees with Timewax, it worked with other scheduling software. More and more companies saw the benefits of their workplace services. The demand for these workplaces grew and so the number of employees that needed to be scheduled at KPN Workplace also expanded.

In the old scheduling system, a lot of manual scheduling had to be done, which meant that planning projects and resources took up a lot of time. The scheduling system also ran under the outdated DOS and the supplier no longer released updates. These technical shortcomings and the growth of KPN Workplace led them to look for a new employee scheduling tool.

After researching the functionality they needed, the search on the internet started. In the end, three candidates remained. After a demonstration and a trial version, Timewax turned out to be the best fit for KPN Workplace. As a result, their project and resource planning moved to the cloud. This enabled KPN Workplace to schedule projects and employees anywhere and at any time, in line with their vision of the workplace of the future.

A new way of scheduling employees

The transition to Timewax was carried out by Kendra van Zessen and her colleagues. After training, they set to work themselves to implement the software in the organization. They chose to take their time and implement Timewax in phases in stead of in a big bang.

After one month everything was set, at which point KPN Workplace switched to the new planning software. This went without any problems, because the involved staff were very experienced in implementing software systems.

“The Timewax API is a very powerful tool. This allows you to do so much more with your planning data.” - Kendra van Zessen of KPN Workplace

In addition to the various features that Timewax offers, KPN Workplace also uses the Timewax API. “The Timewax API is a very powerful tool. You can do so much more with your planning data because of this,” says Kendra. KPN Workplace developed an integration themselves with their Human Resources system. Requested leave in that system is exchanged with Timewax, so that leave is immediately visible in the planning board.

How does KPN Workplace benefit from Timewax?

Having overview and clarity with respect to the schedule is the most important benefit for KPN Workplace. They achieve this by using different colors on the planning board for tasks, services and leave. To get an idea of the work, it is not necessary to read the descriptions of the bookings. The different simply colors say enough. You can see at a glance who is available for new projects and if the workload is distributed fairly among all employees.

According to Kendra, medium to large companies in particular benefit from scheduling projects and employees in Timewax. “Smaller companies can often do the scheduling just fine with a spreadsheet. But at a certain point, as a company, you have to make the switch to something more professional, such as Timewax.”

The step to the future

With Timewax, KPN Workplace has clarity about the schedule any time and anywhere. Using the planning board, it is clear to the planners which employee is occupied and which colleague is available for new projects and tasks. In this way, employees are deployed optimally and the workload is evenly distributed among all colleagues. Manual actions are a thing of the past. The Timewax API enables KPN Workplace to supplement the schedule with information from other systems and thus automatically enriching it.

Timewax fits in with KPN Workplace’s vision of the workplace of the future. The traditional and permanent workplace has had its day. The future lies with flexible workplaces in the cloud. This gives an employee the option to work wherever he or she wants to. With the Timewax software, KPN Workplace can schedule its employees everywhere to give shape to this vision.

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