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Van Santen Advies: integrated processes with the Timewax API



Van Santen Advice


Delft, Netherlands


25+ employees



We were looking for a replacement for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar for our resource planning. Until two years ago, we worked with three to five people in the field. At that time, scheduling in Outlook was still manageable. We were able to do make it work in Outlook at the time.

After we started to grow rapidly as an organization, we consciously made the choice to look for a more advanced scheduling system. We needed a system to give us  much more insight and to look at the schedule from different perspectives.

Besides the fact that we had little overview of the project planning, we missed the possibility to track the actual spent time. We first did this in Excel and other separate files.

The solution

We started first with getting the resource planning together. We have achieved this with the online planning board from Timewax. This was essential to us, because we grew from five to twenty employees in two years. We need to know where our employees work in order to optimally adjust the schedule to all day-to-day dynamics. Timewax offers us much more insight into the schedule.

Time tracking is now properly organized with their time sheets feature.  This process works very well for us. Simple time tracking for all our employees.

We use Exact Online for our accounting. We were looking for a planning system that could integrate with that. Timewax offers this option as a standard integration and free of charge.

The last step was to integrate our Probis inspection system with Timewax.  Our field service colleagues process their findings during the inspection in this system. Developing the integration with the Timewax API went smoothly. We have now set up our project administration in a very efficient manner.

The switch

In the first period we immediately used Timewax to great satisfaction. At a later time we really started to use more advanced features. That effort has definitely paid off. The advantages of Timewax were quickly noticed. Scheduling and communicating the schedule is now so easy to do. There is an instant better overview of all the projects and activities we do.

Timewax is very suitable for companies with large, long-term projects. Think of consultancy parties in IT or other sectors. The planning board and the Gantt Chart are extremely suitable for this.

The planning board makes Timewax more and more suitable for parties that schedule day-to-day activities in the near future and have a dynamic schedule that is subject to many changes. It helps to smoothen processes in your company.

After the start we were a bit hesitant, but now we are making optimal use of Timewax and they have helped us to grow and to accelerate and improve business processes.

The experiences

Timewax has certainly met our expectations. We are now making optimal use of their system. The planning software has helped us to grow and to accelerate and improve business processes. Thanks to Timewax API, we were able to integrate Probis to Timewax. Fast and integrated processes are very important to us and we want to have our systems support them. Timewax fits perfectly in this vision. As a company, Timewax supported us in setting up the system and helped us very quickly whenever we had questions.

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