Exact Online integration from Timewax

Exact Online

With this Exact Online integration, Timewax is the perfect add-on for planning and time tracking. Based on your requirements, you can decide if you want to use time sheets in Timewax or in Exact Online.

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With the integration, we will automatically pass on new clients (accounts in Exact Online) to Timewax. We will also sync changes to the client data that you make.

For planning purposes, Timewax will use the client’s address data as defined in Exact Online. By default, we’ll use this data in the planning. However, you can override this if necessary.


We will automatically sync new projects and changes to them to Timewax. This way, both project libraries in Exact Online and in Timewax are always in sync.

You can break down a project with hour types or a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Exact Online. In both cases, Timewax will sync them along with the budgeted hours.

Time sheets

When you decide to use time sheets in Timewax, the integration can post the actual hours spent to the employees’ time sheets in Exact Online.

In Timewax, you can decide to set up a workflow to have time sheets approved. Once the hours are approved, they are automatically posted to the time sheets in Exact Online. 

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