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Orange CyberDefense


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Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing managed security, managed threat detection & response services to organizations globally. 

Orange Cyberdefense retains a 25+ year track record in information security, 250+ researchers and analysts 18 SOCs, 11 CyberSOCs and 8 CERTs distributed across the world and sales and services support in 160 countries. They can offer global protection with local expertise and support customers throughout the entire threat lifecycle. 

Orange Cyberdefense has partnerships with numerous industry-leading technology vendors and wrap elite cybersecurity talent, unique technologies and robust processes into an easy-to-consume, end-to-end managed services portfolio.

What was the planning situation before Timewax?

“The story starts in 2015, in Belgium, where we were planning in a magical Excel sheet”. With 15 consultants that actually worked quite fine, since they used various colours to create a planning board like overview. However, “at some point we realised that if the Excel file would become corrupt, we would lose our complete planning and hence have no idea of when and where our consultants had to be with our clients”.

“At the same time we were implementing AFAS ERP software. We planned to do our planning in this system, but we were missing a planning board functionality that provides a clear overview. It was actually AFAS that recommended Timewax (one of their planning partners) to us”. And so Belgium implemented Timewax in 2015, and the Netherlands, who was using another planning tool that became end-of-life, followed in 2016.

Why did you choose Timewax?

Various parts of our company were using different planning tools; Excel, Outlook, and various others. This is inefficient to manage from an IT perspective, and makes it hard to get a complete overview of the planning throughout the entire company. So, “at some point we put a business case together and we looked at various planning tools”. Across the board, the Timewax tool scored best.

“A big thing for us was the various integrations of API’s that Timewax facilitates compared to other planning tools. In addition, the price point for the level of functionality that you get out of the box is very competitive. Also for the users and planners Timewax came out on top, for its design is very easy to get to grips with compared to other tools that feel rather clunky while operating them”. This makes Timewax the perfect tool for widespread adoption.

“Finally, when we made this business case to roll out a universal planning tool throughout the rest of the organisation, we already had a relationship with the Timewax team for various years through our Belgian and Dutch arm of the company”. This communication had always been smooth, with the team being very helpful, open to suggestions for development, and offering a lot of flexibility to adjust the tool to fit our needs.

In sum, the business case for a widespread implementation of Timewax throughout the organisation was easily made!

What is the impact of Timewax on your organization?

“Currently we’re still in the rollout phase to implement Timewax organisation-wide, but the rollout is going very well and much quicker compared to other rollouts that we’ve had in the past”. In addition, “we’re already seeing better collaboration across the entire organisation”, for we can truly maximise the potential of our resources now. “Customers find it easier to work with us now as well, because instead of having to send 10 emails up and down it just takes a few clicks to see if we have any resources available for them”.

In the Belgian organization, “the consultants have been using the time sheets functionality, which has become a virtually painless experience”. If the actual time spent matches the planned time, it’s just two clicks for them. “Now this sounds like a small convenience, but if we extrapolate this across the organisation we’re talking about 1.000 consultants being able to save 5-10 minutes every time they register time – that’s a huge win for us”!

“Finally, management is very happy with the overviews that they can generate within Timewax”. For example, in just a few clicks, they can see the resource utilization at this moment, and generate projections for in the future. This enables managers to plan and distribute resources more effectively in the short term, all the while taking into account how resource distribution is planned in the long term.

What is the vision for the future?

“The first step is to rollout Timewax for all the consultants through the entire company. However, also our presale teams are asking to increase the scope of Timewax, and ultimately we will roll it out for every team that needs to plan and capture time”.

“Currently, we’re onboarding the company in France, which is as big as all the other countries combined. This will probably make us one of Timewax’ biggest users, with up to 2.000 active users planning and registering time”.

“Furthermore, we’re looking to make more use of the Timewax APIs and integrate it with our other tools. This way, all the data flowing can flow nicely and effectively, such as order information flying in and time registration flying out”. Also, we will implement management level reporting, so we can get realistic overviews of the entire umbrella company and not just from each nation’s company individually.

“Still, the functionality that we have now is already 90% of what we want. Obviously once we onboard our 1.500 French users, we’d want to be able to use the tool in French”. In this, the Timewax roadmap site works really well, for we can propose new functionalities or change and the user base can vote on it. Once a proposal gets a majority vote, it enters into the backlog. In effect, “it’s not just a wishlist – new functionalities are actually developed and implemented”.

“Sometimes a functionality is already there but then we haven’t found it yet. Or Timewax reaches out to us and asks us what it is precisely that we want, and whether we have considered using functionality x, y, or z to fulfil the need in a different way”. This way, Timewax is not just a service provider, they are a true partner for everything planning and time capturing related.

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