AFAS integration for Timewax


Our AFAS integration syncs all relevant master data to Timewax. Next to that, the integration updates AFAS with planning or time sheet data from Timewax.

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Our AFAS integration syncs new clients from the AFAS’s CRM module to Timewax. These clients are linked to the projects coming from AFAS. With clients in Timewax, you can easily select projects in the planning board and for reporting purposes.


When you create a new project in AFAS, we will automatically create it in Timewax with all its data. This includes the breakdown into hourly types together with the budgeted hours. This way, you can compare the budget hours with the planned and actual hours in Timewax.


You create new employees in the HRM module of AFAS. We will automatically create the employee as a resource in Timewax. Next, if you change their data, like position, department, and skills, we will automatically sync the updates to Timewax.


In AFAS, you can set up skills and levels and assign them to employees. The integration syncs this information to the master data in Timewax. Skills in Timewax can be used on the project level to determine the required resources. In features like resource requests you can easily find resources based on skills.


In AFAS, all employees have a workable hours schedule that specifies their contract hours and how many hours they work on which day. AFAS also has a workflow where employees can apply for leave. The AFAS integration syncs all the absence for each employee to correctly state the availability in Timewax.  

Planned hours

Timewax processes the planned hours into the time sheets of the employees in AFAS. Processing these hours makes time tracking in AFAS very easy, because employees only have to review their time sheets and make changes where necessary. So it saves employees time and reduces the number of errors.

Time sheets

Optionally, you can decide to do time tracking in Timewax in stead of in AFAS. Once you approve the time sheets in Timewax, the integration sends the data to AFAS. Here, they are instantly available for reporting and invoicing purposes.

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