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AFAS is Enterprise Resource Planning software. The integration syncs all relevant master data to Timewax and AFAS is updated with planning or time sheet data from Timewax.

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The integration syncs new clients from the CRM module in AFAS to Timewax. Client data is automatically updated by the hour. By having clients in Timewax, you can easily select projects for planning and reporting purposes.


New projects in AFAS are automatically created in Timewax along with their data like code, name, project manager, status and more. The breakdown of a project in AFAS will also be created in Timewax with the budgeted number of hours. This way you can compare budgeted hours with the planned hours in Timewax.


New employees are created in the HRM module of AFAS and will automatically be created as a resource in Timewax. Changes in their personal data and data like position, department and skills, will be synced continuously with Timewax.


In AFAS, you can set up skills and levels. In Timewax, you can also set up skills. The integration will sync the skills and levels from AFAS to Timewax.

In AFAS, for each employee you can define which skills and levels they have. These definitions will automatically be taken over to the corresponding resource in Timewax.


In AFAS all employees have a roster of their workable hours that also specifies their parttime work. This data is synced to Timewax. Leave is also taken over from AFAS and processed in the personal planning schedule of each employee.

Courses and events

Courses and events in AFAS are automatically created as a project and updated in Timewax. In AFAS, you can schedule the courses and events and this is updated in Timewax along with the designated trainer. Changed in dates in Timewax can also be updated back to AFAS.

Planned hours

Timewax processes the planned hours back into the time sheets of the employees in AFAS. This makes time tracking in AFAS very easy, because employees only have to review their time sheet and make changes where necessary. This saves time and reduces the number of errors.

Time sheets

Alternatively, you can also decide to do time tracking in Timewax. Once the submitted time sheets have been approved in Timewax, they will be processed to AFAS, where they will instantly be available for reporting and invoicing purposes.

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Do you want to see the AFAS integration in action?

You can with our 30-day free trial. For enabling the AFAS integration, we charge a one-off fee of 500 euro. One of our consultants will configure the integration, connect it to your AFAS environment and validate the results with you.

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One-off setup fee, not recurring

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