Speed up the process of resource allocation with our workflow for resource requests

The resource requests feature easily lets you create a workflow for requesting resources. Project managers can submit a request in an easily accessible way. We take care of further processing and communication. Say goodbye to emails!

An illustration of a laptop with a screen on which resources can easily be requested from a department manager.
An illustration of the form with which you can add a request for employees to a project.

Capture all requests

Get rid of all the back and forth emails and messages between project and resource managers for requesting employees on projects. With all that unstructured data floating around you can easily lose track of the big picture.

With the resource request feature, we offer a simple workflow for managing all requests. Project managers submit requests with all required details. Resource managers can easily assign available and qualified employees or reject request.

Requests that make sense

When project managers create a request, they can state what is required for their project in terms of department, position or skills. Based on those qualifications they can immediately see which employees are available and indicate who they prefer.

This way you prevent project managers from submitting requests that cannot be met with.  This saves a lot of iterations and therefore time. Resource managers simply approve, assign another employee or reject the request.

An illustration of a screen that clearly shows the available employees.

Simple and clear

“Timewax has a simple and clear interface, it is user-friendly and the integrations help to make resource planning run smoothly”.
Olaf van der Sanden
Olaf van der Sanden | Xibis
An illustration of a form with which you can add multiple lines to a request.

Advanced options

Need more options? We got your back. You can create requests with multiple lines stating different qualifications and quantities of employees.

This is especially useful for multidisciplinary projects, where you need several employees in different positions and with various skills.

Streamline communication

When new resource requests are submitted, the resource manager will automatically be notified by email or a message in Slack or TeamsPending resource requests are always visible to everyone as open bookings in the planning board.

When the resource manager approves the resource request, both the project manager and the involved employees will immediately be notified. Again by email or a direct message which saves you the hassle.

Potential revenue increase