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Xibis BV


Gorinchem, Netherlands


25+ employees



Xibis is an ICT service provider and provides various services related to the ERP systems Baan IV, Baan V and Infor LN. They help large, medium-sized and small companies in the Benelux. These ERP systems are developed for the cloud and are extremely scalable. At Xibis they implement new installations, optimize existing ones and migrate old versions of the software to the new one. 

In addition to these activities, Xibis offers interim services to carry out projects that support the ICT infrastructure of customers. This includes activities such as developing add-ons, business intelligence and technical management. A team of 25+ employees is available every day for its customers. Since 2017, Xibis has been scheduling these resources daily with Timewax.

With a personal approach, Xibis offers added value to the investment that companies make with them. The consultant who implements the software remains their dedicated contact person to the company. He or she will also provide further aftercare after implementation. In this way, the relationship remains personal and the knowledge of the customer’s work processes is retained.

How Xibis first scheduled resources

A lot has changed at Xibis recently, as the organization grew from 15 to 25 employees. They always scheduled resources in Excel and there was a home-made time registration system. In order to get the schedule into the employees’ calendars, they had developed an integration to Outlook themselves. With this integration, the schedule could be imported from Excel into Outlook using various manual actions. 

Due to the growth of the organization, this way of working was no longer an option. Excel no longer provided a proper overview of the schedule. Next to that, they registered the scheduled hours in a separate system and transferring the schedule to the employees’ calendars  was too laborious.

In order to regain overview and work faster, Xibis started looking for a user-friendly scheduling system that could be combined with a time tracking system. That combination was important, because Xibis wanted to get rid of separate systems. There was an explicit desire to work with an integrated system.

After researching the internet, they found the solution. In Timewax, they found the integrated solution for resource planning and tracking the actual spent hours they were looking for. 

The new way to schedule resources

The transition to Timewax was carried out by Olaf van der Sanden and his colleagues. After an online training from Timewax, Xibis initially started using the software for three months by scheduling resources on a small scale with five colleagues. “I had an idea of how Timewax would best fit into the organization. By first trying out Timewax with a small number of colleagues from different disciplines, we found out whether my idea also worked in practice,” says Olaf. This process and the enthusiasm of the first group of employees helped Xibis to get the rest of the colleagues on board with the new way of working.

“The transition to Timewax went smoothly. Questions or issues were quickly and adequately addressed and resolved by Timewax”. – Olaf van der Sanden Project team manager at Xibis

After this test period, the other employees adopted Timewax. Resource planning moved from the Excel sheet to a planning board. The other processes such as time tracking and requesting leave moved along and ended up being supported in the Timewax mobile app. A new integration to the Outlook calendars was also set up, one that automatically forwards the schedule to the calendars. Olaf says: “The transition to the new situation in Timewax went smoothly. Any questions or issues we had were quickly and adequately addressed and resolved by Timewax.”

How does Timewax benefit Xibis?

Due to the growth of the organization, Xibis was looking for a solution that could restore overview to resource planning and speed up work processes. Olaf van der Sanden: “With Timewax I can now oversee the project and resource planning in one software system. In the old days I had separate files and I had to rely on multiple systems. Now everything is integrated in one system in Timewax. This saves time and the schedule is easy to find for all employees. In Timewax I can easily move from creating a project, schedule the duration with a Gantt Chart and wrap it up by scheduling resources in the planning board. In the end I export the actual spent hours with the push of a button and forward them to Unit4.”

“Timewax has a clean and clear interface, is user-friendly and the integrations help to make the resource planning process run smoothly”. – Olaf van der Sanden Project team manager at Xibis

The planning is integrated with the Outlook calendars of all Xibis employees. “Transferring the schedule to their calendars is now fully automatic and that saves a lot of time,” says Olaf. Xibis employees can use the mobile app to enter the actual spent hours anywhere they are. They can retrieve these hours from Timewax for the purpose of specifying invoices. This is also where a lot of time is saved by eliminating manual labour. Olaf says: “Timewax has a clean and clear interface, is easy to use and integrations help to simplify the resource planning process.”

Faster and smoother

Xibis always scheduled projects and resources in Excel. The hours worked were entered into self-developed software. This was a great solution, until the organization started to grow considerably. The overview in the schedule disappeared. Various planning processes took up more and more time. Xibis realized that this way of schedule was no longer sustainable. It had to be improved.

Scheduling resources and time tracking were moved to Timewax, as a result of which Xibis succeeded in simplifying and accelerating work processes. Manual labour is now automated and Xibis is no longer dependent on separate software systems and files. This means that Xibis is now ready for the future to grow and scale up.

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