Realtime access to the schedule with our mobile app wherever your employees are

With our mobile app, employees can access their schedules whenever and wherever they are, submit their actual spent hours and report on progress. Perfect for when you’re working in the field. You can download the app in the App Store and Google Play.

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Illustration of how the planning is shown in the Timewax mobile app


The mobile app syncs automatically. You tap on a planning booking to see the full details like the location (which starts your navigation app), project manager, description, other resources and attached documents.

You can authorize employees to create new planning booking, make changes and delete bookings. You can also allow them to look in the schedule of their colleagues so that they can take initiative to help out.


Employees can report the progress of each activity. They can enter a percentage complete, an estimation of the time to complete (ETC), the expected end date and a description.

Submitted progress will instantly be available for reporting purposes, for example, in the planning board and in the Gantt Chart. Project managers will also be instantly notified by email, Slack or Teams.

Illustration of the mobile app scheduling feature in Timewax

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"Timewax helps us grow. Planning our projects with Timewax helps us optimize and improve our processes."
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Illustration of time sheets in the Timewax mobile app

Time sheets

Employees can also account for the actual spent hours using the mobile app. For each planning booking, they can add the actual spent hours. They only have to copy the planned hours and make changes if necessary.

They can add additional spent hours and submit their time sheet at the end of the week for approval. They can use both the mobile app and the time sheets desktop app. They can start a time sheet in one and finish it in the other.


In the mobile app, you can start a timer with a simple push of a button. This timer allows your employee to keep track of exactly how much time they spent on a job. They only have to select a project and activity and the timer is ready to go.

The mobile app also tracks down the address using GPS and automatically records it. This way, for reporting purposes, you can always check where the work by the employees was done.

Illustration of a timer running to record spent time.

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