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In Timewax we send all kinds of alerts to users, for example by email. With the integration between Timewax and Slack, users can now receive these alerts directly in their Slack Workspace. Click here to add the app to your workspace.

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They will receive these alerts as a direct message in both the Slack desktop app and the Slack mobile app. Typical examples are alerts of new tasks, changed planning bookings, reported progress to your project, approving time sheets, expenses, leave, resource requests and lots more.


Alerts that require action, will contain a link, taking you right to the place in Timewax, where you need to be. For example, by clicking on the link, it will take you directly to an application for leave that is ready for you to approve.

Customize alerts

In Timewax, users can customize which alerts they want to see in Slack. To start working with this integration, the only thing users have to do, is connect their Slack account to their Timewax account.

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