Focus on the things that require your attention with our analytics feature

The analytics feature allows you to visually analyse project results with interactive graphs. This feature also ensures that everyone is presented with information in the same way. Just one version of the truth when it comes to your organization’s performance.

Illustration of a dashboard on a Macbook
Illustration of a dashboard in the Timewax Analytics feature.

Best practice dashboards

We have already done the hard work for you. Based on our experiences and feedback from customers, we have developed a library of best practice dashboards for specific purposes and industries.  

They range from simple budget vs. actuals and productivity dashboard to dashboards where we do advanced forecasts and financial analysis of your projects. You simply pick the dashboards that you need. 

Play around with the data

The power of our dashboards is in the visualization of the data. This will give you an instant understanding of how your company is doing because graphs will have you focus on what matters. 

But we won’t stop there. We also feel it is crucial for managers and project managers to be able to play around with the data in an interactive way. You can click on graphs and switch metrics to drill down to the story behind the numbers and find the answer you are looking for.

Illustration of a dashboard in the Timewax Analytics feature.


“It is essential for us to know where our employees work and thus optimally adjust the schedule to all factors. Timewax offers us much more insight into the schedule.”
A photo of Randy van Santen
Randy van Santen | Van Santen Advies
Illustration of a dashboard in the Timewax Analytics feature.

Customize dashboards

We have found the sweet spot between working with default dashboards and the need to customize them to your needs. We enable you to create your own variants of our default dashboards.

This way you can get rid of certain graphs and metrics that are not relevant to your business. You can change the layout and set initialization filters that make sense to you. You can also share your variants with other users within your company.

Controlled access

As with all other Timewax features, you can easily decide which users have access to the analytics feature. But we took it a step further, because data on your company’s performance is confidential and you should be able to control it very granularly.

For each user you can define which dashboards they are allowed to open and whether or not they can create their own variants. You can also set up data security to make sure they only see the data they are allowed to see.  

Illustration of a dashboard in the Timewax Analytics feature.

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