Many rapidly evolving service organisations face a frustrating dilemma...

The larger and more complex their organizations grow…

.. the lower the revenue and margin per employee becomes

As complexity increases, dynamics and blind spots explode

More people, more projects, more services, more silos, more red tape, more conflicts…. This increases blind spots with respect to available capacity, margin on projects and future demand. This impacts your business in three ways.  


Suboptimal staffing

As your organization grows in business units, teams and across regions, staffing often stay behind with a decentralized approach. This leads to suboptimal staffing.


Comprised billability

Suboptimal staffing decreases the utilization of your staff on billable projects. This immediately impacts your revenue. Your topline growth is slowing down.


Unnecessary hiring

As you try to fill in the resource gaps locally, you unnecessary hire new people or external resources to get the job done.  This eats away at the margin of your projects and services. 

And external pressures just keep building up...

With that, the risks just stack up

Getting out of this trap requires changing the way we think about resource planning

Traditional resource planning is focused on looking backwards, allocation of hours and is more siloed. We need to shift to looking forward, taking margins into account and adopt a company-wide perspective. We call this impact-led resource planning.

Traditional resource planning

Impact-led resource planning

Impact-led resource planning can be tricky to implement

To ease this transformation, we built Timewax

Our promise: deliver more work more profitably
... without unnecessary hiring

We give you a holistic picture that allows you to be more resourceful (i.e. more competitive), meet customer expectations with more ease, and deliver more work more profitably. How do we accomplish this? By doing three things radically different.

Capture your dynamics

We integrate all your relevant systems and keep everything synced. We capture all data with respect to your company, department, project, resource & rates structure for today and tomorrow.

Stop the leakage

We let you visually plan for the best company level utilization and billability. We guide you to prevent costly mistakes and delays and assure that everyone in the process is instantly aligned on what is expected.

Get steps ahead

We provide everyone in the organization with insights to answer complex business questions with accuracy. This enables you to predict future utilization and billability and spot new ways to grow.

Other have done it, you can too!

We work with customers that want to be perceived as the leader in their space. They are ambitious and put customer happiness first because they know profit will follow. They want to make things better. Our resource planning software helps them achieve that.


Our resource planning software integrates seamlessly with your systems. Get rid of tasks that you can automate with our integrations and API.

Potential revenue increase