Google Calendar 1 way integration from Timewax

Google Calendar | 1-way

With this 1-way integration, we embed the resource planning in Google Calendar. This way, employees will see all their appointments and planning bookings from Timewax in their Google Calendar.

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One calendar

This integration is perfect to combine  personal appointments in your calendar and planning bookings from Timewax. The integration automatically updates the planning bookings in Google Calendar.

This integration is a one-way integration. Because of this, the data flows from Timewax to Google. So it’s no issue when employees change a planning booking in their calendar. The Google Calendar integration will automatically restore it with the original values from Timewax.

Additional data

In Timewax, you can enter extra data like location, description, and remarks in a booking. If you make changes in Timewax then the integration will automatically sync these changes to Google Calendar.

The Google Calendar integration will always sync the essential data of planning bookings and you can define which other information needs to be synced. This way, you can customise it to your needs so that your employees get exactly the information you want them to see.

Report progress

You can add a progress link in a planning booking. With this link, employees can report the progress of a project. They can also tell you the estimated time needed to complete the activity.

When your employees click on the link, they can immediately report the progress information of the project on the booking. So with this integration, you can easily report progress in Timewax straight from Google Calendar. Employees don’t have to log in to Timewax and that saves them time.

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