Schedule more high level in our week planner, just like in a spreadsheet

The week planner is perfect for scheduling employees to projects for longer periods of time on a week level. It works just as fast and easy as punching in some hours into a spreadsheet, but with all the validations of a professional system.

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Weekplanner - Just like Excel

Just like Excel

For long-term projects you want to schedule hours in the resource planning but not on the day level. Based on the budgeted hours and the duration, you know what the average hours per employee on a weekly basis are. Of course those hours can vary per week depending on the phase of the project.

For this situation we designed the week planner. It allows you to roughly allocate hours in the resource planning of your employees. Just like Excel, you can quickly navigate through cells and punch in a number of hour per employee per week.

Getting a full view

In the week planner you can easily create views to select, for example, all employees of a specific department, position or skill. In the summary rows you can  configure whether you want to see their utilization in a percentage, the available or scheduled hours.

By expanding the employees you see all scheduled hours per project for that employee. At this level you can quickly adjust hours and distribute them across other projects. You immediately see if everything fits and if you don’t overbook any employees.

Week planner views

We found the solution we needed.

"Timewax gives us a perfect overview of our project planning. It’s better than Outlook ever did."
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Integrated with the day level

The week planner is integrated with the planning board, that is primarily focussed on the day level. The week planner displays everything that has been scheduled in the planning board and vice versa.

You can rely on the week planner to give you a 100% accurate view of availability. Hours scheduled with the week planner will be passed on to the planning board where we will automatically book them on available time slots.

Enable notifications

You can activate alerts to notify you when resources are over-allocated, conflicting entries occur, deadlines are exceeded and when you assign resources that are no longer qualified to do certain jobs.

You can send emails to employees to remind them of projects in their schedule. You can also send confirmation emails to clients. Emails can be set up with templates in plain text and HTML.

Week Planner - Notifications

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