Easy and visual features to support any role in your team

Project and resource planning is never a one-man-show. It’s a team effort. We distinguish a number of roles because everyone has its own specific needs. We make sure they get it.

An illustration of a project planner character

Resource planners

Resource planners can use the Planning Board to get an instant overview of all  available resources and the project work that needs to be done. They schedule people’s time by dragging & dropping them to projects.

An illustration of a project manager character

Project managers

Project managers use the Planning Board to manage resources and submit resource requests. They use the Gantt Chart for more complex projects and keep track of their  performance with the Analytics feature.

An illustration of a manager character


Management analyses the organization’s productivity and workload with the Utilization feature. With Analytics they dive into the performance from both a project and a resource perspective.

An illustration of a employee character


The schedule is pushed to employees by means of Outlook, Google Calendar or the Mobile app. They can keep track of the actual spent time on projects and report the progress with the Time sheets feature.

An illustration of the planning board feature showing the planning of projects and resources

Planning board

The planning board gives you an instant overview of all your projects and resources. You can submit resource requests and schedule resources by dragging and dropping them to projects.

Week planner

Don’t want to schedule at the day level? The week planner is perfect for scheduling employees to projects for longer periods of time on a week level. It works just as fast and easy as punching in some hours into a spreadsheet, but now with all the validations of a professional system.

Illustration of the Timewax week planner
An illustrations of the gantt chart feature showing multiple projects and activitiets

Gantt Chart

Our planning software is here to help you through the most complex projects. The Gantt chart feature is suitable for planning projects which can be broken down into activities, managing dependent activities and monitoring progress. Great to share with clients.

Resource requests

The resource requests feature easily lets you create a workflow for requesting resources. Project managers can submit a request in an easily accessible way. We take care of further processing and communication. Say goodbye to emails!

Illustration of how you can search in Timewax to find qualified and available resources

Time sheets

This feature has been designed to make time tracking as quick and easy as possible. By copying planning bookings, employees can actually submit their weekly time sheet in less than 30 seconds.

Illustration of a time sheet in Timewax


Our planning software integrates seamlessly with your systems. Get rid of tasks that you can automate. View all integrations.

Mobile app

With the mobile app for iOS and Android, employees have access to their work schedules any time, everywhere. They can also submit actual spent hours and report their progress. Perfect for employees working in the field.

Illustration of the Timewax mobile app
An illustration of the utilization feature showing the utilization of a department, position or resource


The utilization feature lets you analyse productivity and gives you a comprehensive forecast of the work ahead. It helps you to analyse the productivity of your organization by department, position and individual resource, to spot staffing issues.


With the analytics feature you have a library of dashboards at your disposal with which you can analyze the performance of your company. The dashboards are interactive and allow you to drill down. You can also make your own variants of our dashboards.

Illustration of a dashboard from the Timewax analytics feature

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