Personnel planning

Good personnel planning makes the connection between your workforce and your portfolio of projects. As a project-based service provider, it is important that you can assign the right employees with the right skills to the right projects at the right time.

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What exactly is personnel planning?

Personnel planning is the process within a company of analyzing the pool of internal and external employees and determining what steps need to be taken to meet project demands. Personnel planning exists on an operational, tactical and strategic level.

On an operational level, there are daily schedules. At a tactical level, we will look in the medium term at what capacity will be required from future projects. At a strategic level, more attention is paid to which skills the organization wants to develop in the long term.

Why is personnel planning important?

With targeted personnel planning you lay the foundation for the future of your company. Project-based companies thus achieve three important advantages.


Increased turnover

If you can optimally meet the demand from projects, you automatically increase the productivity of the workforce and the turnover per employee. It directly impacts your top-line growth.


More satisfied employees

With personnel planning you align the deployment of employees on projects as closely as possible to their skills and ambitions. As a result, they are more challenged and they are more productive.


Better cooperation

Personnel planning focuses on collaboration that transcends departments and job titles. Well-composed multidisciplinary project teams broaden knowledge and teamwork.

Timewax personnel planning software

Timewax supports project-based companies to schedule the right people with the right skills for the right projects at the right time. We support personnel planning on an operational and tactical level.

Operational planning

You can make a schedule at the day level with our planning board. You have an overview of the availability of your employees, but also of the schedule per project. Scheduling is simply a matter of dragging employees onto the projects.

We communicate the operational schedule directly to the employees’ calendars in Outlook or Google calendar. This way there will never be any misunderstandings about the current schedule. With the Outlook 2-way integration, we also process appointments back into the schedule.

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An illustration of the utilization feature showing the utilization of a department, position or resource

Forecast on availability

The total workable hours are determined by setting the contract hours per employee and the general holidays. In addition to projects, internal activities and absence are also scheduled. Specifically for leave, we have a workflow for requesting and approving leave.

The Utilization feature gives you a forecast on availability and expected productivity in the medium term. You can analyze the forecast from different angles, such as department, position, employee, skill, customer and project.

Skill management

In Timewax, all employees belong to a department, have a job title and can be assigned multiple skills. For skills, you can also define an end date, for example for specific knowledge that must be retested periodically in order to retain the certificate.

In our Analytics feature, dashboards show at a glance which skills are present within your departments and positions. With an age analysis, we keep track of which skills will expire at what time, so that you can take action accordingly in time.

Illustration of a dashboard in the Timewax Analytics feature.

Facilitate self-planning by your employees

Hook up your employees’ Outlook calendars to our personnel planning software


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