Illustration of a person behind a Macbook that is learning about Timewax by means of the Timewax training academy.

Expand your knowledge with the Timewax training academy

In today’s dynamic world, the key to business success is not just having the right tools, but also fully mastering them. At Timewax we understand this principle and that is why we are happy to introduce our latest innovation: an online learning environment specially designed to train every employee of your organization in the use of Timewax. This enables them to do their work more efficiently and effectively.


A new way of learning

Our mission at Timewax has always been to help companies plan better, making them not only more productive, but also significantly increasing their turnover and profits. We have continuously pursued this goal by improving our software and making it more user-friendly. Now we are going one step further by putting training at the center of our services.

Previously, we only trained the key users during the implementation of Timewax. We did this through two or three online sessions of a few hours. It was then up to the key users to train the rest of the organization. This took a lot of time for both Timewax and the customers. There was always a risk that the required knowledge of the product did not reach the right person.

Timewax’s training academy was designed with one goal in mind: to provide a comprehensive, easily accessible platform where users – from planners and project managers to department managers, employees and administrators – can increase and refine their knowledge. With learning journeys and modules that delve deeply into every aspect of our product, this environment offers an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your organization.


Learn in your own way and at your own pace

In our rapidly changing world, the ability to learn and adapt is essential for both individual growth and organizational success. Our training academy responds to this by making it possible for everyone to learn in their own way and at their own pace.

People learn in different ways. Some absorb information better through visual means, others prefer text and still others learn best through practical application. In our training academy we use a mix of learning materials that meet these diverse learning styles. This personalizes the learning process, making it more efficient and enjoyable for the user.

Our training academy offers the flexibility to learn at a time that suits the user, whether that’s early in the morning, during a lunch break, or late at night. This accessibility ensures that everyone can gain knowledge about our product and that there is no dependence on classroom meetings. This increases the success of the implementation and adoption of Timewax and therefore the feasibility of the goals that the organization wants to achieve with it.

Illustration of progress of learning journeys in the Timewax training academy


Learning journeys for every role

We recognize that within organizations employees have different roles and responsibilities. Depending on their role, certain features in Timewax are more or less interesting. That is why we have designed the content of our training academy into separate learning journeys for the following roles:

  • Planners will discover how to efficiently plan resources, minimizing the chance of over- and under-staffing.
  • Project managers learn how to manage projects from start to finish with a clear overview of available resources, project progress and project performance.
  • Department manager learn how to gain insight into their team’s productivity and which leave requests and timesheets need to be approved.
  • Employees are guided in how to effectively use the basic functions and integrations such as the links with Outlook and Teams.
  • Administrators will find all documentation to optimally set up and maintain the system, so that it meets the processes and needs of their organization.


In Timewax we keep track of which rights employees have and based on this we automatically make the necessary learning journeys available. In this way we ensure that users are not overloaded with all learning journeys, but only with the learning journeys that are relevant to them.


Continuous learning

The Timewax training academy supports users throughout the lifespan of use. It doesn’t stop with implementation. You often start there by introducing a few features that users must become proficient in. If you want to use more features later, you can fall back on the academy to train all users in this.

The training academy is also ideally suited for training new employees. This saves time for existing colleagues to train them. In addition, Timewax continues to invest in optimizing existing teaching material and developing new material.

The Timewax training academy is available completely free of charge to all users. We invite everyone to use the academy and thus fully utilize the possibilities of Timewax. This makes your organization stronger, more efficient and more productive.


Illustration of the menu bar in Timewax with an arrow that points to where you can access the training academy.

You can easily open the Timewax training academy from the menu at the top right when you are logged in. After following a lesson module, we always ask for your feedback. We would like to hear where we can improve the learning material.


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