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De planning in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Activate the Microsoft Teams integration from Timewax. After activation, Timewax informs you of changes in your schedule, the projects you work on, and the status of your requests. Thanks to this integration, you will no longer miss updates and respond more quickly to changes in your work environment. This makes your company more effective and more decisive. In addition, you can customize your notifications to receive messages that are relevant to you.

Get started with Timewax’s Microsoft Teams integration. You can add the Timewax app to your Teams workspace here.

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Thanks to the Microsoft Teams integration, Timewax alerts you if something changes in your schedule. If you’re a project manager, you will also receive updates on the schedule of the projects for which you are responsible.

Leave applications

The Teams app also streamlines the process of applying for leave. You submit your leave application in Timewax, and your manager immediately receives a message about your application in Microsoft Teams. Likewise, you will receive a notification in Teams if your manager approves or rejects the application.


In addition, your manager and/or project manager will receive a message in Teams when you submit your timesheet in Timewax. If they reject your hours, you will receive a notification about this in Teams. This way, you can quickly adjust your timesheet afterward and resubmit.

Project progress

If an employee reports activity progress in your project, you as a project manager will immediately receive a message in Microsoft Teams. The notification shows who reported the progress, for which activity, and the completed percentage. This way, you immediately know your project’s current status.

Resource requests

Furthermore, the integration ensures that Teams informs resource planners and resource managers immediately when a project manager submits a resource request in Timewax. If the request is approved or rejected, the Teams integration will provide instant feedback to the project manager.


Finally, the integration ensures that colleagues receive a message in Microsoft Teams when you assign tasks to them in Timewax. Teams will keep you, and your colleagues informed even if the tasks change. This way, you will never miss any updates!

Want to see Timewax’s Microsoft Teams integration in action?

You can, for free, for 30 days. Start your trial version of Timewax, and you can try our planning tool. Everything is entirely non-binding, and you do not have to leave any payment details. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. Start saving time today.