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Timewax’s Hix integration is perfect for administration and accountancy firms, because Hix is the Single Sign-on solution for that industry. With this integration you can log in to Timewax from a central hub with just one click. This makes logging in more accessible and more secure.

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You can compare Hix to the online version of your local desktop. Using Single Sign-on, Hix offers a centralized portal for your online services to your employees and customers.

Next, Hix offers numerous ways of integrating your look and feel. So, when your employees or clients use the portal, it looks familiar. Hix also provides a standard code, which you can use to create a direct login box on your website. This make it easily accessible to both employees and clients.

Security & Control

Timewax’s Hix integration helps to make your IT infrastructure safer, because Hix encrypts your credentials within an ISO- and NEN-certified data center. In addition, all external connections are SSL-encrypted, ensuring secure access to all third-party applications.

Both SMS and authenticator options are available as a multi-factor authentication solution. Other features include IP whitelisting and creating custom integrations with ADFS, SafeNet, and other LDAP environments.


According to the GDPR, companies and governments that process personal data need to apply adequate technical and organizational measures to prevent data breaches.

Hix is a pragmatic solution in providing access to critical applications in a controlled and secure way. In that way, using Hix is a simple way for you as a company to prove that you are adhering to the GDPR policies. 

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