Senior Frontend Developer

Timewax delivers software as a service to project based companies. We are looking for a senior frontend developer that wants to join our team to help scale and further innovate our resource planning platform. 

An illustration of a frontend developer persona

About the job

We have a stable product that requires little maintenance. We do greenfield development to take this system forward to meet our business goals and maintain our growth. You will be writing code and safeguarding best practices, which are essential in designing our new architecture.

These are a few examples of exciting projects you will get to work on:

It’s a joy

“I like that Timewax gives me the space to develop myself. The planning software is a great and challenging product to work on. I definitely feel I’m in the right place here at Timewax.”
Photo of employee Benny van der Bijl
Benny van der Bijl

The work environment

We are a customer-oriented club and like to provide simple solutions. We are honest with each other and with the customer. If we are unable or unwilling to deliver something, we will say so. We like to act quickly and, above all, to do. Our working environment is further characterized by:

If you want to develop yourself in certain areas or if you want to brush up on your knowledge, you can follow some online courses that we will of course pay for.

Our stack

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with all the specific tools in our stack. We care more about how you think and communicate than about a checklist of technologies.

If you’re also interested in backend development, check out out backend stack here. 

What we look for in developers

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer, but we evaluate how you think and communicate rather than the exact buzzwords on your resume. What we look for:

If you don’t have experience with TypeScript, but know another language (e.g., Elm, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, Swift, F#, OCaml, Scala, Kotlin), that is also acceptable.

Being allowed to work in the Netherlands without sponsoring a visum is also preferable. We will consider exceptions to these on-site and visum requirements for genuinely exceptional candidates (e.g., having made open source contributions to tools or libraries in our stack).

Your manager

“I enjoy being a support person for the team. That often means removing distractions so you can focus on getting things done. I’m also passionate about technology. I’m looking forward to sparring with you, to learn from you and to facilitate you.”
Filip de Waard
Filip de Waard

The team

Since COVID we work a lot from home, but we are looking for people that want to come to the office in Amsterdam at least once a week. We have a team with:

We have a small technical assignment as part of our interview process. The result is reviewed in a call or in-person meeting at the office with a few team members, which is an excellent opportunity for you to get an impression of your potential future colleagues.

Want to know more?

Reach out to us, we look forward to have a conversation!

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