Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart feature is very suitable for projects that tend to be bigger and more complex. It serves as a great communication tool and of course it integrates with our Planning Board feature for resource planning.

Visual planning

You can schedule activities by dragging and extending the bars, create milestones and add dependencies with lag and lead time. To aggregate the view you can collapse and expand the work breakdown structure.

You can add information on activities like comments, budget hours, team manager and labels for reporting purposes. You can also add progress information which can be displayed in the bars.

Visual planning


We enable you to customize the layout for each project. For example, you can define the colours, text in the bars and the text right to the bars. Very convenient when you have clients with specific reporting needs.

You can export the Gantt Chart to Microsoft Excel, a Jpeg file and PDF in A4 or A3 paper size. It will export the Gantt Chart to PDF exactly according to the layout you have customized.

Gantt layout


You can create and save multiple versions of the project planning. You can create a version as a baseline, forecast and draft. This enables project managers to view and restore previous versions.

You can even compare versions with each other. For example, this enables you to analyse how the most recent project planning deviates from the baseline version.

Gantt Chart versions

Multi Project view

With the Multi Project view, you can view the project planning of multiple projects in one screen. For example, you can view projects by project manager, status, portfolio and client.

In the Multi Project view you can edit individual projects and their activities. You can also add dependencies between projects for example when you run a program of related projects for a client.

Multi project Gantt Chart