iPad App

Our iPad app lets you perform your project management tasks on the move. Schedule any time anywhere, analyse utilization, project performance and manage your master data. You can download the app for free in the App Store.

Resource board

In supporting your project management tasks, you get a mini version of the Planning Board feature. In the resource board, you can simply schedule employees by tapping your fingers and dragging entries to other employees or days.

You can navigate through time by swiping your finger or tapping on a day to zoom in. You can select which resources should be shown and you can adjust the display settings to your personal needs.

  • Resource board 1
  • Resource board 2
  • Resource board 3
  • Resource board 4
  • Resource board 5
  • Resource board 6

Project board

In the project board you can view the planning from a project perspective. You can select the projects to be shown and you can edit entries by dragging them to other employees or days.

You can also create resource requests. You can specify the required department, position and skills. Based on these qualifications, you can search for available employees to do the job and allocate them.

  • Project board 1
  • Project board 2
  • Project board 3
  • Project board 4


Just like the desktop Utilization feature, you can now also analyse productivity in the iPad app. You can navigate through departments and positions and zoom into individual employees.

The productivity is shown in a pie chart and broken down by chargeable, non-chargeable and available time in both hours and a percentage of the total workable hours.

  • Utilization by department 1
  • Utilization by department 2
  • Utilization by position 1
  • Utilization by position 2
  • Utilization by resource 1
  • Utilization by resource 2

Project Summary

For effective project management, the iPad app also has a Project Summary feature. You can easily search for projects and analyse the project performance through time.

The Project Summary displays the budget, planned, actual and earned hours. Earned hours are based on the percentage complete from the activity level. Variances are highlighted in red.

  • Project summary 1
  • Project summary 2
  • Project summary 3
  • Project summary 4
  • Project summary 5

Master data

The iPad app is perfect when for you're on the road. But what if you instantly need to schedule new projects and resources? No problem. With the iPad app you can create them on the fly.

Next to projects and resources you can also manage other relevant master data like clients, departments, positions and skills. This way you can manage your entire system with the iPad app.

  • Master data 1
  • Master data 2
  • Master data 3
  • Master data 4
  • Master data 5
  • Master data 6

Want to know more?

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