Planning Board Software

The Planning Board gives you an instant overview of all your projects and resources. You can submit resource requests and schedule resources by dragging and dropping them to projects. With customizable display options, this nifty visual resource planning tool shows exactly the data you need to plan resources efficiently.

Time scale

You can set the time scale to day, week or month view. The day view is very suitable for scheduling short activities in hours and half hours. You can choose to display only working hours or full days.

Switch to a week or month view and you get a bigger picture for the near future. You can select how many weeks or months you want to display and scroll through them with the navigation bar.

  • Planning board time scale
  • Planning board day
  • Planning board week
  • Planning board month

Multiple views

Resource planning should let you look at your resources from multiple angles. You can display two sections (boards) at the same time. This way you can look at the project and resource planning from two perspectives and it allows you to drag & drop from one board to the other.

Besides a typical display of projects and resources in separate boards, you can also display a list view, a calendar view, a task view and a Gantt Chart. The boards can be set to respond to each other's selection.

  • Planning board setup
  • Planning board list
  • Planning board tasks
  • Planning board calendar
  • Planning board Gantt Chart

Resource requests

You can create resource requests for projects. You can define the required department, position or skills. We match the qualified resources and you assign them by dragging and dropping them on the request.

With functional security, you can have project managers look at the available resources but not schedule them. You can set up data security to have project managers only submit resource requests for their projects.

  • Planning board resource request
  • Planning board match resource

Alerts and emails

You can activate alerts to notify you when resources are over-allocated, conflicting entries occur, deadlines are exceeded and when you assign resources that are no longer qualified to do certain jobs.

You can send emails to employees to remind them of projects in their planning. You can also send confirmation emails to clients. Emails can be set up with templates in plain text and HTML.

  • Planning board alert
  • Planning board reminder
  • Planning board confirmation
  • Planning board send email

Display settings

The best resource planning tools adapt to everyone in the team. That's why each user can customize the display of the Planning Board to his or her needs. You can extend the display of entries to show the status, progress, sent emails and the resource utilization.

In the project and resource board you can define the columns, the column order and sort them the way you like. All your personal settings will be saved and applied each time you open the Planning Board.

  • Planning board display 1
  • Planning board display 2
  • Planning board display 3
  • Planning board display 4

Sounds easy?

That's because it is! But if you have questions about our resource planning tools, we're here for you. And since you don't know until you try, we have a free 30-day trial up for grabs. Don't waste time!