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Outsmart integratie van Timewax


With Timewax’s Outsmart integration, spent hours and used materials recorded in Outsmart get synced to Timewax. Next, you can automatically create work orders in OutSmart via Timewax. So the Timewax’s integration with Outsmart makes planning your projects simple and more flexible. Next, you don’t need any printed work orders, which an employee can lose and can be fragile.

For more information about Outsmart, check their website.

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From planning to work order

In Timewax, you assign employees to projects using the planning board. Then, when you finish a planning booking in Timewax, our integration automatically creates a work order in Outsmart.

After that, the employee receives a message. This notification informs them that you’ve created a new work order. It also comes with a description and your remarks. In OutSmart, you record the actual spent hours and used materials. You can also let the client sign off the finished work. It’s even possible to add photos.

Reporting and invoicing

When your employee finishes the job, the integration will report the status in Outsmart to the planning board in Timewax. Next, the client receives an email with a work order in PDF.

The hours spent will automatically be processed in the employees’ time sheets. Timewax will add the used materials to the project as cost items. So you can invoice the hours and materials at the defined rates based on the price arrangements.

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