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Get rid of licenses, pay only for what you schedule

We recently adjusted the Timewax pricing model. Instead of paying per user, we now look at the number of “scheduled days” you have created in our system. In this way, the use and sharing of the schedule becomes much more accessible, because you do not have to pay a license for every person, both internally and externally.

Curious what exactly that changes and how our new system works? Then read on quickly.


The old model: license per user

In our old model you were charged per user license. So if you had 15 employees, you took out a subscription with 15 licenses for a fixed amount per user.

The disadvantage of this model was when you collaborate with external parties such as freelancers. It was relatively expensive to purchase a license for these temporary freelancers – and that was rarely done in practice. As a result, you could schedule them, but you could not communicate directly with them, so you still had to inform them manually of the schedule.

This also applies to managers or general staff members who, for example, want to view the actual hours once a month or only want to look at the schedule twice a month. And with external stakeholders, such as customers, the same thing – to give them access to the information you had to purchase an extra license.

The result was that in all these cases the licenses were relatively expensive. So little was made of the potential of Timewax – logical and of course a great shame. Multiple people sharing 1 account was also often not a solution, because then the policy on information security and privacy is at stake.


New model: pay according to scheduled days

In the new model you pay for the number of “scheduled days” in Timewax, or per scheduled FTE if you will. This way you only pay for what you use Timewax for – scheduling. This way you start your subscription with a calculation of how many days (or FTE) you expect to schedule per year. If you gradually scale up, you can of course expand your bundle just like you can do with a mobile telephone contract.

The number of user licenses is also now unlimited. This means that you can give everyone who is involved in your organization their own account at no extra cost: the managers, general staff members, freelancers you occasionally hire and other project-related stakeholders you want to involve.



The new model allows you to collaborate more fluidly with people both inside and outside your organization. In other words, you can use the full potential of Timewax without any extra costs. This way you keep communication streamlined at all times, the calendars are automatically synchronized and you thus save time for everyone.


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