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Increase productivity and see wat you are missing out on

We all want to do more work without extra costs. But how do you do that? What if you could do this with the exact same people you work with now? That may sound utopian, especially when you see how much difficulty most organizations have with implementing change. Still, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. In this article we explain how you too can immediately increase your turnover. Curious how much profit the potential is for your company? Then read on quickly!


Schedule based on project progress

Scheduling alone is not enough to work more efficiently. For this it is essential that you gradually adjust your schedules to the reality of the progress of your projects. Because, if you don’t do this, John and Richard can “suddenly” become available due to, for example, a project that is ahead of schedule. If your schedule does not anticipate this, then John and Richard will be twiddling their thumbs until a new project is won.


Insight into availability

If you do have real-time insight into your availability – based on the progress of projects – you can strategically anticipate your capacity. This way you know when it will be released early and when expected capacity is not forthcoming. In this way you ensure that your availability better matches your sales pipeline. This way you can recruit new staff effectively for new projects at the right times, so that you get fewer peaks and troughs in your business operations.

In other words, with insight into your availability you can continue to deliver more consistently and thus achieve higher productivity with the same number of people.


Curious how much revenue profit you can book?

Let’s calculate an example in which you have 40 FTE at an hourly commercial rate of  €100 to deploy. After deduction of the average leave and sick days, this gives you an average capacity of 5500 hours per month.

Suppose that by better scheduling – and therefore more efficient use of your capacity – you achieve a conservative increase of only 1% in billable hours. Then even such a conservative increase leads to a significant turnover increase of € 5.500 per month! That is a serious turnover profit of € 66.000 per year (!), and that with exactly the same group of employees that you now have at your disposal.

Curious what the potential is for your company and how much profit you can make? Calculate it with our business case tool


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