Senior Account Manager

Timewax delivers resource planning software to rapidly evolving service organisations. We are looking for a Senior Account Manager to join our Revenue Operations team to help further scale our business. 


About the job

As a Senior Account Manager at Timewax, you will have the opportunity to play a key role in scaling our business. We provide resource planning software to rapidly evolving service organizations, enabling them to deliver more work profitably without unnecessary hiring. 

You will be responsible for targeting and developing leads at larger companies. You need to understand their challenges and demonstrate how Timewax can eliminate their blind spots in capacity, margin, and future demand. 

Your sales skills will be essential in convincing our leads and helping them achieve their goals. Your knowledge of solution and consultative selling will be crucial in expanding our market share and building sustainable customer relationships. 


Opportunity to develop myself

“I get the opportunity to grow and develop myself. We work with a good team and I'm challenged every day to build the future Timewax.”
Aukje Croqué

The work environment

We are a customer-oriented club and like to provide simple solutions. We are honest with each other and with the customer. If we are unable or unwilling to deliver something, we will say so. We like to act quickly and, above all, to do. Our working environment is further characterized by:

We typically work at the office for two days a week, but this is totally up to you. Most meetings with leads and customers are done remote, but we will provide transportation when meetings on location are required. 

What we look for

We are looking for an experienced account manager, but we evaluate how you think and communicate rather than the exact buzzwords on your resume. What we look for:

Your manager

“My style is to facilitate you so that you can excel in sales. I will guide you in everything you need to know and I'm open to improving our sales process based on your feedback.”
Jurgen Bink

The team

You will be part of our Revenue Operations team, an integrated team without separate departments for marketing, sales, and customer success. This means you will work with colleagues who are all focused on acquiring high-quality leads and new customers that fit our ideal customer profile and serving them throughout the entire lifecycle 

This way of organizing ourselves reduces churn and ensures sustainable relationships and growth. At Timewax, we believe in a no-nonsense approach and a culture that prioritizes collaboration and customer focus.

As part of our interview process we have a  session where we will ask you to give a presentation and a demo to your future colleagues. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get an impression of the team you will be part of.


Are you the driven and experienced Senior Account Manager who will help take Timewax to the next level? Apply now and join our team!

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