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The added value of a planning tool in Scrum. These days Scrum has become essential for software development. Scrum is a successful method, which fundamentally changes the way projects are organized. The method does not employ any traditional ways of budgeting planning or reporting on project progress. So will a planning tool offer added value within Scrum projects? In this blog we are going to find out. Planning during a Scrum project might seem meaningless, as people are assigned as dedicated and

Implementation planning software: part 3. Timewax will talk about the decisions that you need to make in order to successfully implement your planning software. Part 3: Process or system driven implementation. The final decision you have to make is deciding how the system and the organization (the processes) will be aligned with each other. This often manifest itself as a strong ambition to improve the processes, countered by the major pressure of being expected to deliver something on the short term. There are

Implementation planning software: part 2. Timewax explains in a number of blogs on what you should make a decision to implement your planning software successfully. Part 2: Big bang or phased implementation? It applies here too: you have a small business and you just want to improve the planning process, then you should rather opt for a ‘Big bang’ approach. With multiple departments as well as processes for time recording and invoicing, this way is less obvious. With a ‘Big bang’ you enter

Implementation planning software: part 1. You have opted for new project & resource planning software. Now is the time for implementation. Just a matter of doing, right? Or maybe you should reconsider the approach? I will explain in a number of blogs what you have to make a decision on to make the implementation successful. Part 1: the central or decentralised implementation of your planning software. For these blogs, I take the implementation of project & resource planning software (like Timewax) as

You are looking for planning software to better schedule the time in the business. To save time. But you do want to find the correct planning software. And that takes time. Mark de Jong of Timewax, as a former software selection consultant knows like no other how this process can best be performed - in three clear steps:  Blueprint  Knock-out  Trials Selecting planning software isn't rocket science, but do tackle it in a structured way - else you won't see the

Logically you would say so. You always get more insight and experience in the planning process and you build on that. But how do you that? For example, a higher productivity would not necessarily imply that you became better in planning. In this blog we describe how you can measure the planning performance of your organization.   Why measure planning performance? Why would you actually want to measure the planning performance? Because you want to have grip on things. You want to be

With Lean, we want to change things to better and maybe even more than better. Working daily towards continuous improvement is the goal. Entwine the Lean DNA with the own DNA. Because we use Lean in our business and planning processes or at home in the kitchen, it is possible to eliminate steps that don't matter and never deal with them again. But do we really need Lean here? Just use your logical sense! Or is logical sense in fact Lean

Forecast planning and budget variance. There are, of course, numerous ways to analyse your projects. Budget vs. actual, planning vs. actual, spending variances based on percentage completed, and so on. And all are valuable, but only aimed at looking at the past. Not that looking at the past is wrong, because this is how you will learn when budgeting and planning future projects. But during your projects, you would mostly like to look ahead. You want to know where you will end

On the way to a ‘Smart High Performing Organization’. There are more and more signals that the future labor organization without far-reaching forms of flexibility will not last long. The discussion on flexibilization focuses mainly on the distinction between 'bad' and 'good' flexibility. This blog contains a number of topics on what will now be called 'sustainable flexibilization'.   The importance of a ‘Smart High Performing Organization’ Organizations have to deal with more and more dynamics, complexity and unpredictability. The cause of which lies

Grip on shrink through innovative planning If the demand and/or turnover drops, structurally, we speak of shrinkage. In a shrinking organization you need to get a grip on the biggest expenditure, namely the employment of employees. We explain our vision on shrinking below, from the perspective of employee planning through innovative plans.   Calculation example There are 9 day shifts run on a department, from Monday to Friday, each of 8 hours. To do this, you need 10 employees who all work full time. 9