Online planning board

We did not invent the egg of Columbus, but simply looked at a concept that has earned its spurs: the planning board. We have only put it in a digital and online jacket.

Illustration of an old-fashioned planning board

Why a planning board?

We were inspired by old-fashioned planning boards. Think of those magnetic planning boards that display the time at the top. As a variant you also have boards with plug-in cards.

The concept of such a planning board is good. It is very visual and everyone immediately understands how it works. Scheduling is simply sliding a magnet or hanging a card. It’s child’s play.

Limitations physical board

However, physical planning boards do have their limitations. After all, space is limited. The horizontal timeline is fixed and vertically you cannot place more projects or employees than the board is high.

Furthermore, communicating the schedule with all employees remains a manual process. They must physically approach the board to view the schedule or be notified by phone or email.

Illustration of an old-fashioned planning board
An illustration of the planning board feature showing the planning of projects and resources

Online planning board

We have developed an online planning board that solves all the above limitations. You don’t need any specific hardware either. It runs on any computer and can be displayed on a large screen.

Because our planning board is also online, you can work on the same schedule from multiple locations. In addition, the schedule is immediately shared with all employees via your favourite calendar system or our mobile app.

Ready in two minutes

“If I schedule a project for a department, I'll be done in two minutes. I select the employees and simply drag them onto the project”
Photo of Martin Embregts
Martin Embregts | Telindus
An illustration of project bookings in Microsoft Outlook

Calendar systems

With our integrations to Outlook and Google calendar, we bring the schedule to your calendar system. This means that employees always have the most up-to-date schedule at hand, in a system they are already used to.

With our 2-way integration it is even possible to have employees schedule directly from Outlook. This is especially useful when employees are allowed to make appointments with customers themselves. In this way, planners always have 100% insight.

Illustration of the Timewax mobile app

Mobile app

With the mobile app for iPhone and Android, employees have access to their online schedule anytime, anywhere. Perfect for field workers. Changes in the planning tool are immediately passed on.

In addition to viewing the schedule, it is also possible to register the actual spent hours. In addition, the progress can also be reported with a percentage of completion and hours still required to complete the job.


Our resource planning software integrates seamlessly with your systems. Get rid of tasks that you can automate with our integrations and API.

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