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We help accountancy firms to get a better grip on the planning of audits, financial reports, advice and accounting jobs. We ensure that you can efficiently schedule your assistants, accountants, advisors and administrative staff.

Increase the reliability of the schedule

Financial audits and consultancy assignments have a different character than periodic activities such as  accounting and salary administration. You have come to the right place at Timewax for the planning of both types of activities.

With our planning software you have a grip on all assignments and you can schedule efficiently. This saves time and speeds up the execution of jobs. We enable you to make your practice more billable. This directly increases your turnover and profit. Calculate it here.

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Grip on availability with a planning board

Beyond spreadsheets with drag & drop

Illustration of the Timewax planning board showing resources and to which projects they have been assigned.


We give you a grip on the availability of your employees and the commitment to assignments with our planning board. As an assignment manager, you gain a very visual insight into the schedule. Scheduling becomes easy with a simple drag and drop.

Changes in the schedule are immediately communicated to the employees via Outlook. Short-term changes are brought to the attention of employees with notifications. In addition, they can link appointments in Outlook to customers, which are displayed directly in the planning board.

Illustration of using views in the Timewax planning board


You can make your own selections in the planning board and save them so that you can quickly perform frequently used searches. For example, you can make selections for a specific branch in order to distinguish between assistant accountants, accountants and register accountants.

You can also assign skills to your employees. For example, you can record how much your employees know about IFRS, Basel II or company valuation. In this way you can quickly see with a few clicks which knowledge and skills are available for your assignment.

Illustration of the Timewax planning board showing projects and which resources have been assigned.


The planning board can be used by everyone at the same time and is always up to date. As a result, partners, managers and assignment managers always look at one version of the truth. But of course you don’t want everyone to be able to change the schedule just like that.

With user profiles you can determine what users are allowed to do. For example, that assistants are only allowed to view. And that the accounting department may only edit the own schedule of bookkeepers, tax specialists and payroll administrators, but are allowed to look at the data other branches.

Illustration of how you can search in Timewax to find qualified and available resources

Resource requests

You can search with customer requests in the planning board, such as looking for an advisor with knowledge of Cyber security and ISO27001. You can then easily search for an advisor based on those skills.

We can streamline requests even more with our resource requests workflow. For example, an assignment manager can look for an accountant with knowledge of valuation principles in the financial sector. He can immediately check availability, indicate a preference and then submit the request to the related manager or partner.

Facilitate self-planning by your employees

Hook up the Outlook calendar to our planning software

Get better at scheduling

We like to blog about the organizational aspects of  project & resource planning to inspire you.

Fully automatic

"Transferring the schedule to the employees' calendars is now fully automatic and that saves a lot of time”
Olaf van der Sanden
Olaf van der Sanden | Xibis

Workflow for time sheets and approval

Our planning software allows employees to submit the actual time spent in 30 seconds

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Fast entry

The time sheets feature allows employees to submit their actual spent hours for the entire week within thirty seconds. They simply copy the schedule from Outlook to their time sheet. As a result, employees only have to make adjustments if necessary. This speeds up the process and prevents errors.

This way you quickly get a reliable picture of whether you are staying within budget for your customers. Every hour you spend too much on assignments quickly comes out of your own pocket or leads to unpleasant surprises for customers. This way you can manage your customer’s expectations in time.

An illustration of a reminder email you can receive when you forgot to submit a time sheet.

Automatic chasing

Our planning software also keeps track if time sheets are due for submission. You can decide for yourself when this is the case for your company. For example, you can set that on Monday at 12:00 everyone must have submitted their time sheets from the previous week.

If there are due time sheets, our planning software automatically reminds employees to submit their timesheets. In other words, you no longer have to chase them anymore. We do that for you. We will keep doing that until they submit their time sheet. With a simple report you can always see who is behind.

Illustration of how you can approve time sheets in Timewax

Workflow approval

You can have the actual hours of your employees approved by assignment manager, your partner or by both. You can define this for each assignment individually. For example, for large assignments, you can have the approval done by the assignment manager, because he or she is best able to assess the work based.

For normal periodic work, you can decide to have the actual hours approved only by the manager or not to have them approved at all. This way you can use the right workflow depending on the nature of the work. This way you avoid bureaucracy and you have the necessary flexibility.

Ready in two minutes

“If I schedule a project for a department, I'll be done in two minutes. I select the employees and simply drag them onto the project”
Photo of Martin Embregts
Martin Embregts | Telindus

Insight into performance with dashboards

Analyze visually and interactively

Illustration of a dashboard in Timewax that compares budget vs. actuals


With the Analytics feature of our planning software you have a whole library of dashboards at your disposal with which you can analyze the performance of your company. You can always choose a specific dashboard depending on the nature of the work, because you want to analyze a financial audit differently than a valuation project.

You can analyze individual assignments for clients, but also groups of clients, an entire project portfolio and much more. This makes it a powerful tool. You can also determine per user which dashboards they are allowed to use and which data they are allowed to see.

Illustration of a dashboard in Timewax with a financial analysis of a project


With assignments at a fixed price, it can also be interesting to see if you stay within the budget in euros. In Timewax you can work with hourly rates and therefore also analyze everything financially. If you use a senior accountant while you mainly assumed assistants in the budget, you can also see the performance in price differences with our dashboards.

Do you work with cost price rates? Then we can even show the margin per assignment in our dashboards. You can then compare the budgeted margin with the actual margin, which is based on the actual hours spent by your employees.

Illustration of the utilization feature in Timewax that gives insight into the productivity


The Utilization feature is a specific dashboard that allows you to analyze the productivity of your firm. It provides a forecast on the utilization and you can see the availability of your employees by team, position and skills.

You can create your own views and selections. For example, you can define that you want to see the availability in hours, days or in a percentage of the workable hours. You can also filter by billable assignments and make a distinction between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ schedule. The utilization feature gives you exactly the information that you need.

Integrations for accountants

Our planning software integrates seamlessly with typical systems that accountancy firms with, such as financial systems, Identity Providers and Office 365. We hook up to the systems that you have and that saves time.

You can find them all here.

The advantages of our planning software at a glance

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Track performance from multiple perspectives

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Strong visualization of the schedule

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Integrations with other systems

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Resource request workflow

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Full integration with Outlook

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Interactive and customizable dashboards

Potential revenue increase